Post Hospital Days

The day I left the hospital my sister Paca landed in Miami. She arrived in the afternoon once I’d had my first psychiatrist appointment with Dr. VR. The idea was for her to stay for a week and the day she left Male would land from NY to also stay a week. They also arranged for H who was helping us 2 times a week to come every day of the week to relieve me from some cleaning and cooking responsibilities. My sisters come often to Miami as they own apartments here. We actually rent our current apartment from Paca. But this time was different. They were coming to stay with us and to help out. It felt amazing to see my sister and to know she would stay a week with us sans enfants without her own children. 

Those two weeks passed by as a blur. We did a lot of walking, parks, napping the kids, and doing the normal day-to-day activities with my sisters. And they helped a lot with the little ones. Paca is Mathias’ godmother and he loves playing with her. Male bonded more with Emma. Both weeks were very helpful for me to slowly start feeling a little more confident and calm again. The medications were kicking in and I was slowly starting to see the light again. Although other ups and downs would come like this recent one I just posted about. It felt so nice to be home; in my space and with my people. Being with my sisters helped a lot since Richard works full time and they were around to do whatever activity with me and not feel so alone.  

My brother Santi also came with his family from Brazil. In part he came to check in on me, I think, but he also came to get the Covid vaccine as the process was slower and more complex in Brazil. He stayed with my parents that live very close to us. He works full time and was working remote from here but sometimes his wife joined me for a park outing and in the afternoons Santi would join us with his kids that are older and were also remote learning from here. Being with family, depending on who it was, is overall comforting for me. I really get along with my siblings as different as some of us are. They made me feel somewhat normal again and loved and accompanied me. I’ll forever be grateful for their visits and their support. 

Siblings x 6. I am the youngest of the crew. From left to right and also from eldest to youngest: Santi, Male, Sol, Paca, Maria, Caro (Me). Key Biscayne, Miami, January 2021.


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