1, 2, 3, boom!

There is a big something I’ve been waiting to share until I felt ready. Late last year I found out we were expecting our third little miracle. I am about 22 weeks pregnant. The first trimester was harsh on me physically. I felt a lot of nausea and was extra tired. I continue to be tired but can now eat pretty much anything again. I was practically eating crackers, carbs, mandarines and green grapes for a few months. I couldn’t touch a salad, which I usually love and neither could I eat anything meat related.

Emotionally and mentally I’ve felt great! This little one was meant to come. I’ve felt it for a while. Richard and the kids are really happy too although of course we know the transition will come with its ups and downs. Richard was mostly concerned for me to experience PPD again although I now feel I know a lot more and have a good team of professionals around me.

In terms of my treatment, we’ve reduced my Venlafaxina dose to 35 mgs a day a few months ago and I haven’t felt a difference. I take a prenatal and baby aspirin to avoid experiencing high blood pressure after birth as I did with Mathias. Other than that, life is pretty much normal. I also do physical therapy twice a week for my knee. I see my therapist every other week and haven’t spoken to my psychiatrist in a few months. I am due to catch up with him soon.

Our Party of 5 on Valentine’s Day

Baby bump 22 weeks


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