New Psychiatrist Opinion

I spoke to a new psychiatrist this morning that was recommended by an ex colleague and family friend. This Dr is based in Argentina (the appointment was online via WhatsApp video call), is an ex gynecologist and also worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He also believes this is not a classic postpartum depression case. So […]


6 Health Goals for 2022

Walk at least 30 mins daily Take hormones & supplements prescribed by Functional Medecine Doctor including progesterone, testosterone, vit D, B12, C, zinc  Practice yoga daily and get back to doing full splits and playing with handstands  Start strength training with husband – I may just share before and after results  Ease back into work. […]



I am a rookie at this. I am overwhelmed with almost 2,000 visits in 5 days from 10 countries and 25 subscribers. I need help. So here is the truth. I am tech challenged. I want to make it easier for people to comment and share on social media. I also want to add more […]