Welcome to my blog.

I will share my postpartum depression journey with you. My purpose is to inform others about this reality in the hopes it can help someone else.

A bit about me.

I am the youngest of six children.

I am the mom of Mathias who is 2 and a half and Emma that is about to turn 1 and married to Richard, my rock and huge support throughout this journey.

I have lived in Brazil, Belgium, and currently live in Miami, since 2008.

I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In the working world, I started an agency in 2011, and before that held public relations and human resources positions in both corporate and agency environments. I began my career with MasterCard Europe in the talent management department, leading the planning and execution of in-house training for a workforce of over 800 employees.

This role led me to join the MasterCard Latin America offices, based in Miami, working as an in-house consultant for Porter Novelli managing the Internal Communications strategy and implementation for the Latin America and Caribbean regions. After supporting media relations for the Caribbean, I took on additional accounts, such as UPS and Qualcomm with Porter Novelli. I also worked for FIBA, Florida International Bankers Association as their Member Manager.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics with a minor in Human Resource Management from Vesalius College in association with Boston University in Brussels, Belgium. I got certified as a yoga instructor in 2017 and teach as a hobby since then. In my free time, I enjoy reading, practicing yoga, writing, cooking, walking, and learning. I love traveling, the beach, nature, and country music.

I was raised by a few moms. My brother Santi is the oldest. My sister Male is the oldest of the girls. Then comes Sol, the lawyer. Then Paca, who I will talk about a lot as she was my main line of support from the family. Then Maria who I grew up the closest to in age and doing things together, especially during our chapter in Belgium. My mom is a fiery Cuban. She doesn’t hold back on speaking her mind. Often I can take it as judgment or comparison but I know deep down she shares it for my benefit. As most moms do. Often her comments hurt or annoy me although lately I finally understand her better. It’s only taken a few decades. My dad is Argentine. A very rational, practical, and quite amazing dad. He was always involved in our school through the board. A very successful agribusiness echecutiv as he says with his argentine accent. He often reminds me I should work. His latest comment is that I don’t live in India and in the US women work and we need both salaries. Yes Dad, thanks for the reminder and the additional guilt. I grew up very close to my Cuban side as I saw them most often but I love my whole mix. I was closest to my Abuela Mercedes and my Tia Abuela Eva and Tio Abuelo Miguelito. I moved to Miami in large part to be closer to them. And also because I needed to be closer to my Cuban side. And to my Tio Pepe. Who then moved to Rome a few years after I moved here. At least we had a few months that we lived together, walked, cooked, ate, and talked.

I am currently on a mental health break focusing on treating my postpartum depression. I live in Miami and enjoy long walks, practicing yoga, and reading. I love to cook but have been disconnected from the kitchen since Emma was born. I am hoping to reconnect with that and some other hobbies in 2022. Follow me on insta @myppdstory

Why I’m writing this?

It’s normal. It will pass. I had it too. You will sleep better. Just truck through it. These were all phrases I kept hearing again and again and the reason I took so long to look for professional help and ended up hospitalized after suffering for about 8 months. At the 8 month visit the pediatrician told me Emma was not gaining ‘enough’ weight and recommended we immediately start supplementing. It made me feel like a horrible mom for not realizing anything. 

The expectation of what being a mom of 2 under 2 versus the reality had hit me hard and I wasn’t sure if all the symptoms I was feeling were in fact normal. It took horrible thoughts and a few desperate calls to the insurance providers to decide we should drive to the emergency room. 

In May 2021 I was diagnosed with postpartum depression which wasn’t treated in time and developed into postpartum psychosis. It is now January 2022 and I continue to experience down episodes which last anywhere from 9-15 days. I recently changed medications and am seeing a Functional Medecine doctor. I decided to share my story in the hopes it can help other women experiencing it and even sometimes selfishly I hope to find a solution for my case through this platform.

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