Kids Start Preschool

Today both Mathias and Emma started preschool. Mathias had gone last year before the pandemic but we never put him back in since I was pregnant and didn’t want to risk any germs coming home from school. So today they were dropped off to their respective teachers and I will pick them up at noon. It will either feel like eternity or it might also feel like it passes with the blink of an eye. 

I have all the feelings. I am scared, I am emotional, I am worried, I am excited, I am anxious, I am curious. I feel guilty. I am told that I have to be confident and consistent when communicating to them. How do I do that if I don’t feel it? We only decided to send them a few weeks ago. We’d given the school a heads up months ago but we didn’t get around to filling out all the paperwork until weeks ago. Remember that deciding was a big challenge for me during my postpartum season? Richard was more ready to send them. He works remotely and we have a two bedroom apartment so he also needed the space and office/home to focus. I have a PR and communications company I run since 2011 and am currently finishing a project. I am not taking on any new projects until I feel better or more decided about my career. I will continue to write here as my objective is still to tell this story in a book. I have been experiencing a writer’s block recently so please send help. Or any writing advice. 

Back to the school topic, there is a transition talk at school on Wednesday night I hope to attend. 

I have so many ideas of what to do that include reading, working out, cooking, watching Netflix, coloring, cleaning, and donating clothes. I am currently reading 4 books and have some more in my list. My current reads include Atomic Habits by James Clear, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, Boyhood Island by Karle Ove Knausgaard and All Adults Here by Emma Straub. Please send ideas and support and words of wisdom or encouragement. Thanks for reading. 

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