Current Treatment Update

It’s been a while since I wrote a post. In part, because I was going to interview my gynecologist and he had to postpone due to a surgery he had that day and also because I was going through another strong down. They keep coming and they are hard. I always debate on whether I should write when I’m down but I really don’t feel like doing anything. And that is just one of the horrible symptoms I keep experiencing. 

As a next step, I’ve been recommended to go to an endocrinologist or to a functional medicine doctor who evaluates patients on a more 360 degree manner. I am a little overwhelmed by that. The psychiatrist also recommended two new treatment options: Ketamine and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), which are more invasive including one that applies treatment through IV’s. 

Before going forward with either of these, I am thinking of getting a second opinion. 

I am currently taking the max dose of duloxetine, my day medication, which is 120 mg and I am taking 10 mg of the olanzapine medication that I take at night. My psychiatrist knows I am not a fan of increasing doses and he is also hesitant to increase the night dose as it is a strong medication for hallucinations, psychosis and other symptoms. 

I continue to do therapy weekly and sometimes on harder weeks we schedule an additional session. I’ve been recommended to see another therapist and psychiatrist by close family members and friends. I really don’t want to start therapy from square one again and I have a very good relationship with my current one. 

I do believe her theory that there is a chemical imbalance going on which she calls organic or something internal that causes these harsh downs I still go through. She calls them low energy or depressive episodes. She is the one that has recommended I go through an endocrinologist or functional medicine doctor in the search for the cause of what I am going through and for a doctor to step in and help treat this cause. I am trying to book an appointment with one my mother sees but they only have availability as of mid January. ,

In summary, I definitely feel my case is different among the postpartum depression diagnosis patients. My therapist agrees. I will share my next steps here and will be posting the interview with my gynecologist too. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask please message me as I only have four questions prepped. 

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