Book & Summer 2022

It’s May 2022. In a few weeks my kids will be out of school. I haven’t put them in any summer camp as I only work a few days in June and have finished the book manuscript. My goal was to finish writing it before their holidays so that I would “just” need to edit before finding a publisher. This last part is so challenging though! I hate editing my own work. I also realized I have no idea about the book publishing world and it’s a little overwhelming. Step by step as my therapist always reminds me. Our sessions continue weekly and have been a lot more positive and forward looking.

So let’s see. For the book, I am currently hiring beta readers to have initial feedback before finding the final editor and publisher. I’ve reached out to a local bookstore for publishing ideas. I also spoke to a few self published authors and they shared excellent tips. I have an agency helping me with the overall look and feel. This week we will do a photoshoot for the author pictures and a few more for the website and social media. My nephews and nieces have suggested I start building an audience on Tik Tok so I launched that last night.

I am excited for the summer! I will enjoy the kids a lot. In June I am wrapping up a work project but plan on taking them to museums and local activities as well. We will also be enjoying the pool as both of them have been taking swim classes and are more confident in the water. Their cousins in Miami are around and we will also schedule play dates with neighbors and friends from school. In July, we will spend the month with all my siblings, their cousins, and grandparents in Brazil. We will do some local traveling there as well to a farm hotel and to the beach.

In terms of my depression, I continue to be on the healing end. I have not had a down episode since February 2022. I am taking the hormones and continue to take 150 mg of venlafaxina daily as well as the supplements recommended by the Functional Doctor. I will speak to my psychiatrist in June and he will determine whether we will decrease my day dose. I spoke to a hormonal nutritionist recently who I would love to work with but as I’ve spent so much on my health these past two years I am holding back on that for now. She claims I am taking synthetic hormones and that in the long run that is not ideal for my body. Apparently there is a way for my body to naturally produce these hormones if I treat it correctly with better nutrition. I plan on working with her once more work projects come in. For now, I will continue with my current treatments.

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