Writing as a hobby

Some people run. Some people swim. I write. I write at night, in the morning, and think of writing in my shower. My shower is my daily routine step that I am (usually) alone. Although my toddler sometimes walks in or jumps into my shower. And I don’t say no. Everything passes and so will the day he stops coming in. Until then, I say yes. I wrote growing up in agendas. I kept stickers and receipts and movie or museum tickets and memories. I wrote in diaries and now write in journals. I write in bullets and I write in prose. I write in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I speak French but write poorly in that language. Do we want me to share these posts in those languages? Or is English our globally understood language? My therapy is in Spanish and the main phrases and notes of my journal are mostly in Spanish. That is my mother tongue and the language I speak to my children in. I feel like writing comes easier to me in English here and I’m not sure why. I write on my computer, on paper and in notes in my phone. I have tons of notes that I type away while I’m on the go. I realized recently that two of my favorite hobbies are to read and write. And I can share writing. So I will.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment to share where you are reading from and what kind of posts you want to see here. I want to interview professionals and moms who have suffered in silence. I want to demystify and bring light to this important topic. Let’s do this. Together.

My writing sacred space 🙂

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