Current Treatment Status | July 2021

I am currently seeing my therapist once a week on Thursday afternoons. This week it coincides with a work commitment so I’ve bumped it to Friday. I wonder if that is why I checked into the hospital on a Thursday.

I also see my psychiatrist every couple of weeks. My next appointment is in two weeks. I take 60 mg of Duloxetine every morning and 7.5 mg of olanzapina at night. I have not seen my OBGYN since the birth date. I have had no follow-ups from them, even after they knew I called for desperate help and was hospitalized. I still like that Dr and will go see him mid August, 2021 but will also bring up this lack of care and follow ups.

I will start a singing class next week. I’ve always wanted to play the guitar, piano and sing. So I will start with the latter. I sometimes connect to a weekly Pilates class with some friends from my WhatsApp group of Brazilian moms in the US. They are one of my support lines. I text daily with Rach and Lulu, they are one of my main chearleader’s and support girls.

I love practicing yoga. In 2017, I did a Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr course and am a certified instructor. I taught during both my pregnancies and am back to teaching a weekly online class on Thursdays at 10 am. If you are interested in joining, please include your email in the comments so that I can send you the link.

In terms of my physical body, I’ve gained 20 lbs as I stopped breastfeeding and one of my medications, olanzapina, makes me hungrier. Unfortunately, I give into sweet cravings and carbohydrates but am starting to make an effort to make healthier choices. Emotionally, I still have ups and downs as does everybody but my downs still impact me a little bit more than usual. I have a harder time creating, making decisions, my insecurities kick in, and I don’t feel as motivated to do things.

I am currently riding a high but expect that during my lows I won’t be typing or publishing as much. Let’s see. This was an idea for me as a starting point to my book. I thought it was a cool place to store the chapters and get organized. It also gives me a sense of a deadline but I never imagined people would read this or visit and boy was I wrong. Thank you for reading and joining me.

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