All these specialists! What a path it’s been! And it’s still not over. This past weekend I went to see an acupuncturist I’d been to in the past. I’d thought of her before but she is about a thirty minute drive away and I think I’d also avoided going to her because of Covid. She specializes in women’s fertility treatments so once my therapist noticed a connection with my menstrual cycle and hormones I figured Dr. Liang could also help. 

I should mention the Obgyn visit also. A few weeks ago my therapist mentioned I should schedule an appointment with him as we noticed that my downs often coincide with the first day of my menstrual cycle. So I booked an appointment and one of my best friends came with me as I was not feeling great and felt a little overwhelmed with this new step in my treatment plan. So we went and my Obgyn agreed that my therapist may be on to something. He recommends I go on birth control in order to stabilize my hormones or at least that’s how I understood it. So he prescribed the ring as the ideal option and I started that about a week ago. He says it should take a few cycles to kick in. 

On Saturday, I went to the acupuncture appointment. Richard dropped me off and planned on taking the kids to a park nearby. She immediately said my pulse was too quick – an anxiety symptom and also suspected I was low on progesterone, which could cause insomnia, anxiety and depression. She had noted this on one of my previous visits and confirmed it after examining my tongue. She says she can help me but needs to see me twice this first week and then once a week following that. She also prescribed pills for liver/kidney dysfunction and anxiety/depression. I take 8 pills in the morning and at night. 

Both of these specialists gave me hope that we may be onto something. I am just coming out of 13 very difficult days. I had to take the emergency lorazepam twice. I struggled a lot planning my sons third birthday party and sadly was not feeling great for his celebration but luckily I only invited our closest neighbors and one new friend of his from school. Also, my best friend from childhood Lucy came and that gave me an additional sense of comfort on the day of. I’m in a better place now and feeling hopeful these new specialists can continue to help me.

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  1. patroth302yahoocom


    I an so excited about your new options

    Obviously the depression is based on a chemical imbalance in your body. So a more natural treatment to bring your body back into balance would be fantastic if they can do it.

    Best news i ve heard

    Keep me posted


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  2. Roque Family

    It sounds like you’re unraveling the thread that is your health journey. Every step will lead you closer to understanding the root cause(s). Stay strong Caro, “it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

    Jennifer Roque (786) 302-7773



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