To grind or not to grind?

You might be wondering with all of my treatment appointments what my work situation is. I would wonder if I was a reader too. I currently am focusing 100% of my energies on healing and on taking care of the kids. As you may or may not remember, I had two under two and they take quite a lot of time and dedication. I am grateful both are very well behaved and recently started preschool so I have some time during the day for therapy and other types of appointments. 

In terms of work, I own my own business, which I launched in 2011. I am focused on communications, public relations and marketing consulting. I’ve had Fortune 500 businesses as well as small and medium sized clients. I have worked on projects ranging from satellite launches to soccer PR. I have met celebrities and sports stars and I’ve traveled in a charter plane with one of the leading soccer teams in the world. I was the only woman on the flight except for a stewardess. 

Two weeks after Emma was born, I was delivering a workshop to a group of agribusiness executives on their corporate messaging. I finished that project a few months ago and decided I needed a mental break. And so here I am. I have been writing on days I feel better but am mainly focusing my energies on my mental health. 

I have always been very organized with my savings account and am using some of those funds for the rainy days. Other than that, Richard is fully supportive on my healing path and knows that eventually I will get back to the grind as I’ve always worked and enjoy what I do. I have been considering other lines of businesses but for now am enjoying this break. This month is my birthday and I’ll be gifting myself some self care treats like a facial, a hairstyle, and acupuncture. 

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  1. Laura Román

    Me encanta como escribes Caro, tienes una capacidad muy especial de transmitir y hacer conectar al que te lee con tus historias. Felicitaciones!!!


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