New Psychiatrist Opinion

I spoke to a new psychiatrist this morning that was recommended by an ex colleague and family friend. This Dr is based in Argentina (the appointment was online via WhatsApp video call), is an ex gynecologist and also worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He also believes this is not a classic postpartum depression case. So the title of my blog may be incorrect – oops! 

On a more serious note, he believes this could be post traumatic stress disorder or major depressive disorder, which is what my current psychiatrist and therapist also think. 

He believes I am currently over medicated. I am taking the max dose of venlafaxine and a high dose of olanzapine. He is not so familiar with the hormonal treatment I am on (see Functional Dr post) but believes my day medication and the hormonal treatment are both addressing the same issue. Therefore, he believes I should decrease venlafaxine. The night medication I take (olanzapine) is an antipsychotic medication and I only had one episode before the hospital last year. He also believes I may need an additional day medication if and only I have negative reactions to the decrease in dosage of the current medications. I have reached out to my current psychiatrist to see if he agrees and will hopefully make these changes sooner rather than later. Stay tuned…. 

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