Happy 2023!

Happy New Year!!! I’ve been debating what to write in this first post this year and a friend gave me this simple and great idea. I think it’s great timing to stop and thank all of you for joining me on this ride! There have been about 5k of you so far and I’m humbled and I keep finding the motivation to keep writing through many of you that have reached out. 

I’ve heard some of your struggles and have interviewed a handful of you – some of those will be coming soon. 

This year, I feel an enormous amount of creativity around me in my community of friends and work colleagues. I also feel it’ll be a year of changes and I already see quite a few for my family and I. More on that soon… 

For now, I want to simply thank you. I see you. I’d love to connect with more of you. And I will keep writing on progress, interviewing others struggling with their mental health, as well as tips, resources, and techniques as I learn them. Please share what you’d want to read more of, less of and any suggestions! Keep reaching out!

Photo by Malte Luk on Pexels.com

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