10 Takeaways from 2022

It’s been a while since I last posted here and a lot has been going on. I got stuck with my writing again. Part of it comes from unrealistic expectations I had set around the last phase of the book and once I realized those weren’t going to happen, I decided to pause the book process to focus on everything else going on and that somehow had me stop writing in general. I have been journaling here and there to digest some of what’s been going on. 

I’ll try to summarize the bigger events although I’ll be revealing them in layers and in further posts as I continue to digest some of it myself. Mathias turned 4 at the end of October and we celebrated him with a special appearance from Spiderman. He also was sick for a few weeks around his birthday, so that had all of my attention too. I had been doing a lot of work and hobby activities leading up to that and that hard stop made me realize how much I had been involved in. 

That pause had me look at my priorities with a different set of eyes and I realized I wanted to shift back to focusing on healing and being more than doing. I also fell in early November and that shook me up a lot. My knee had never been through so much pain and it was scary, frustrating and a call from my body for something as well. That also meant stopping all the sports I was so much enjoying like tennis, yoga, walks, etc. I continued my classes and a communications project as well as my mental health appointments. I’ve also been attending a breathwork course since October, which takes place every Tuesday afternoon for a few hours. The content and learnings with this group have been surreal and have accompanied my healing in so many ways. 

Now that I’ve shared some updates, I’ll also share 10 takeaways from this year:

1. Priorities can and should be reviewed. 

2. Breathe. Stop and focus on your breathing at least once a day and if you can balance the time of your inhales and exhales even better. 

3. Listen and trust your intuition above all. 

4. The experience of fully listening without judging or needing to give advice, comments, or solutions is a gift for both parties. 

5. Connect to your body whenever possible. 

6. Self care begins with the basics of sleep, drinking water, eating nutritious foods, and rest. 

7. Find ways to create more through movement, art, writing, or whichever outlet you enjoy most. 

8. Never stop viewing the world and other humans with curiosity. 

9. Your cup needs to be filled before you can pour and share it with others.

10. Choose content wisely. What are you watching? Scrolling through? Reading?

Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com

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