Something I took for granted for so many years. 35 to be exact. I grew up gratefully sleeping very well and a lot. Especially on weekends. I loved to sleep in. Although my Dad often woke me up by opening up all the curtains and windows and saying it was a beautiful day to be […]


Book & Summer 2022

It’s May 2022. In a few weeks my kids will be out of school. I haven’t put them in any summer camp as I only work a few days in June and have finished the book manuscript. My goal was to finish writing it before their holidays so that I would “just” need to edit […]


1 Year of Treatment

It’s been 1 year since I was hospitalized and over 1 yr and a half since Emma was born. Spain was so refreshing. I miss Europe and I missed traveling. We hadn’t traveled internationally since before the pandemic. It was challenging with two little ones… especially carrying the strollers up hills on cobblestone streets. And […]