Functional Dr and Covid

My latest treatment step was to see a Functional Medecine doctor who has a more 360 approach to health. I had never heard of this specialty before. A childhood friend had recently been to one and recommended the one she’d been to and liked. I had my first appointment on December 30th with Dr L. A week before, they drew about 7 tubes of blood to check my hormones, thyroid, vitamins, cholesterol and some other exams. 

The overall conclusions were that my progesterone is too low. Low progesterone can cause irregular periods, shorter cycles, sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety among other symptoms. All of which are too familiar to me. My testosterone is also low as well as some important vitamins like D and the B’s. I will start taking these as of next week and hope to feel a difference.

In other news, I tested positive for Covid. The kids did too. Richard was the first of us to get it or so we think and we aren’t sure how we got it as we continue to be careful. We did spend Christmas with his family and not all of them are vaccinated so who knows. I feel overall ok, just a little more tired than usual and had some body aches the other day.  

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