Neurologist & Functional Dr Updates

A few months ago, I was struggling with migraines that took me back to the acupuncture specialist that treats me. My psychiatrist and therapist recommended I see a neurologist to make sure it wasn’t anything physically serious. I finally spoke to her this week. She is a neighbor of my parents and works at one of the best public hospital groups in Miami – Jackson / UM Health Center. The appointment was one hour and a half (that is not typical here especially for a video call). She asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle as well as any specifics I can remember when the migraines come including frequency and symptoms. The good news is that she didn’t feel there were any red flags to send me to an MRI or CT scan. She does think I’m suffering from chronic migraines as I am experiencing them once a month for a few days at a time. The last ones didn’t go away taking over the counter medication so she has prescribed me Sumatriptan to use as needed. She also says there are studies proving acupuncture and peppermint essential oils can help so I will continue those if they come back. In terms of supplements, she’d like me to take magnesium and B2 daily.

We also spoke about getting an annual eye exam although she doesn’t believe that is the root cause for my pains. As a follow up, she wants me to see the sleep study specialists at UM as we both agree there might be something there. She also shared that women suffer from migraines 3 x’s more than men especially at the ages 20-50. I haven’t suffered from one since that last acupuncture session so I’m hoping that is still the case.

I also had a follow up with a new member of the functional medicine group that I see. I was a little overwhelmed with the previous lady and requested a change. I shared how I’ve been inconsistent with the hormone treatment. For now, the recommendation is to stop and wait for my next cycle. They would also like for me to take magnesium daily and continue with Vitamin D, probiotics and potentially omega 3. We spoke about testing my hormones, thyroids, cholesterol and other vitamins in a few months again.

In other good medical news, my Argentine psychiatrist Sergio will be in town this month so we will finally meet in person! We will speak about my recent decrease to 75 mgs of venlafaxine and any other future changes or maintenance. I will share updates here.

Other than all these Doctor appointments, I’ve continued a nice rhythm of walks in the morning, taking 2 yoga classes as a student per week and playing tennis 2 to 4 times a week and loving it. I’ve connected with a really nice group of women that play tennis. This week, I also enjoyed a walk with a friend from the neighborhood and went to have breakfast with a Mom from Mathias’ class at school. Such treats for the soul! That’s what self care is really about. Taking care of myself, connecting with myself and others, eating well, and enjoying mornings and afternoons with the family. The book publishing is getting close to reality. I will share an exciting update SOON.

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