My PPD story

Learning Through Teaching Yoga

A few months ago, I was asked to teach kids yoga at a school. I doubted the offer for a few weeks as I was going through another depressive episode and any type of decision of this kind overwhelms me. I received my 200 hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) certificate in early 2017, after practicing […]

Interview with Dr Trujillo | Emma & Mathias Pediatrician September 13, 2022

Please describe your Professional Background. I am a general pediatrician. I completed my pediatric residency at the University of Chicago’s Lutheran General Hospital in 1997. I’ve been working in my present office for 3 years and in the past office for 25 years. How long have Emma and Mathias been your patients? They have been […]

What do Liver, Progesterone AND Colon Hydrotherapy Have in Common?

Warmer, warmer, HOT! I feel each day we are closer to the source of the problem. Hang tight. This may all sound esoteric but there is science around this too, I promise! On Friday, August 12th, after suffering 3 days of intense migraine, I went with my friend Carol to an acupuncture session with Dr […]

Postpartum & Family Suicide | Aurora Cruz @PushingThroughPostpartum

Please share a bit about your background. I am a licensed clinical social worker based in NYC. I am currently trying to get accepted into a PhD program. I started this platform because I had postpartum depression. I am 35. I have a 12 year old bonus child and a child I gave birth to […]


Something I took for granted for so many years. 35 to be exact. I grew up gratefully sleeping very well and a lot. Especially on weekends. I loved to sleep in. Although my Dad often woke me up by opening up all the curtains and windows and saying it was a beautiful day to be […]


We just spent the month of July in Brazil. The kids and I traveled together. Richard couldn’t join us since we just took our family trip to Spain and he wanted to focus on work. My tribe was there – my parents, 6 siblings, and the whole crew of 14 siblings. The plane landed in […]

Book & Summer 2022

It’s May 2022. In a few weeks my kids will be out of school. I haven’t put them in any summer camp as I only work a few days in June and have finished the book manuscript. My goal was to finish writing it before their holidays so that I would “just” need to edit […]

1 Year of Treatment

It’s been 1 year since I was hospitalized and over 1 yr and a half since Emma was born. Spain was so refreshing. I miss Europe and I missed traveling. We hadn’t traveled internationally since before the pandemic. It was challenging with two little ones… especially carrying the strollers up hills on cobblestone streets. And […]

Interview on Burnout & Anxiety

*this interviewee prefers to remain anonymous and I appreciate & support her Please share a bit about your background.  I grew up in Spain until I was 18 years old and moved to Belgium with my parents and my younger brother. My father was a navy officer, so we moved around a lot when I […]

Spain & Psychiatric Medication Updates

We are back from our Spain trip. It was fantastic! It was so nice to be back in Europe. I lived in Belgium from 2001 to 2008 and spent a summer in Spain in 2005. I miss it. There was something about the European style of life that I really identified with. I’m not sure […]


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