My PPD story

Book & Summer 2022

It’s May 2022. In a few weeks my kids will be out of school. I haven’t put them in any summer camp as I only work a few days in June and have finished the book manuscript. My goal was to finish writing it before their holidays so that I would “just” need to edit […]

1 Year of Treatment

It’s been 1 year since I was hospitalized and over 1 yr and a half since Emma was born. Spain was so refreshing. I miss Europe and I missed traveling. We hadn’t traveled internationally since before the pandemic. It was challenging with two little ones… especially carrying the strollers up hills on cobblestone streets. And […]

Interview on Burnout & Anxiety

*this interviewee prefers to remain anonymous and I appreciate & support her Please share a bit about your background.  I grew up in Spain until I was 18 years old and moved to Belgium with my parents and my younger brother. My father was a navy officer, so we moved around a lot when I […]

Spain & Psychiatric Medication Updates

We are back from our Spain trip. It was fantastic! It was so nice to be back in Europe. I lived in Belgium from 2001 to 2008 and spent a summer in Spain in 2005. I miss it. There was something about the European style of life that I really identified with. I’m not sure […]

Interview on Anxiety

*this interviewee prefers to remain anonymous and I appreciate & support him Please share a bit about your background I was born and raised in Venezuela, and moved to Miami in 2005 with my parents, right after graduating from high school. I was not aware of any mental health illnesses before 2014. There’s also a […]

Travel & Brighter Days

This week we will travel to Europe to see my husband’s grandfather and other family members. I have my cousins in Madrid that I absolutely love. I lived with them when I was in college for a summer abroad and since then consider them an extension of my direct family. We are actually very distant […]

Light Where there was Darkness

Brighter days have come! I’ve had many good weeks since my last down that ended on February 16th. I am holding my breath as I never know if a down is just around the corner but I am hopeful we are over. I am ready to be over. I am stronger. Today is a big […]

Bipolar Interview

*this interviewee prefers to remain anonymous and I appreciate & support him Please share a bit about your background. I was born in Miami, Florida to an Argentine family. I grew up mostly in Brazil and identify a lot with Brazilian culture. I went to school to get a finance degree. My career evolved from consulting […]

New Psychiatrist Opinion

I spoke to a new psychiatrist this morning that was recommended by an ex colleague and family friend. This Dr is based in Argentina (the appointment was online via WhatsApp video call), is an ex gynecologist and also worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He also believes this is not a classic postpartum depression case. So […]

And the downs continue…

I’ve been doing pretty well on my 2022 health goals so far. I’ve been going down to the gym almost every day of the week when the kids are at school. I’ll usually do a 30 minutes walk and strength training. When I have extra time I also do a 30 minutes stretch session or […]


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