My PPD story

Sleep Consultant

Today we began a new step in our journey. We hired a sleep consultant, Flávia Mônaco, located in Brazil in an attempt to help improve our sleep routine. She is a friend of my Sol’s in Brazil and she and Santi are giving this as a gift. My future sleep thanks them. 🙂 We are […]

Mathias Turns 3

In about a month my baby boy will turn 3. He is closer to 6 now. The age of reason according to the Catholic church. I am faithful and probably shouldn’t write about it since they say to avoid talking about politics, religion, and money but lately it has come up. A lot.  One of […]

Post Hospital Days

The day I left the hospital my sister Paca landed in Miami. She arrived in the afternoon once I’d had my first psychiatrist appointment with Dr. VR. The idea was for her to stay for a week and the day she left Male would land from NY to also stay a week. They also arranged […]

Ups and Downs

I haven’t posted here in a while since I was struggling with another down. I think it was related to both kids starting preschool. When I feel down a series of things happen. I lose motivation to do a lot of things including writing. I feel more insecure and indecisive in general. I also lose […]

Kids Start Preschool

Today both Mathias and Emma started preschool. Mathias had gone last year before the pandemic but we never put him back in since I was pregnant and didn’t want to risk any germs coming home from school. So today they were dropped off to their respective teachers and I will pick them up at noon. […]

Part IV | Psychiatric unit

As the days progressed at the hospital, I started feeling better. Partially because the sleep medications Mirtazapine seemed to be working and also due to the controlled environment where I was fed, put on a routine, taking medications at a certain time and also was without the kids to watch, feed, and take care of.  […]

Interview with Ryan Walker, PA | Psychiatrist

Please share your Professional Background. I initially studied law and started practicing but I wasn’t passionate about it. Studied physician assistant PA and specialized in psychiatry in Western Massachusetts. I have been practicing with Elevate psychiatry since.  How long has Carolina been your patient? For about 3 months. Since May 2021.  What is Carolina’s diagnosis? […]

Part III | Psychiatric Unit

On the way to the hospital we called Iris, my therapist, who said I was early for our weekly appointment and when we told her why we were calling she agreed on the idea to go to the ER. When we got to the reception they asked me a few questions before taking my picture […]

Top 10 activities that have helped

Taking a shower or bath Making and drinking tea Meditating Going to the beach Physical activities: Walk, yoga, or swimming Listening to a fun podcast Reading Bullet journaling  Napping Spending time in nature Please note these are activities that helped me deal with the dark and harder days. Everyone has to search which ones bring […]

Interview with Iris | My Therapist

Please share your professional experience. I graduated from college about 30 years ago. The beginning of my career I focused on children with learning disorders. I later transitioned into market research working with clients in Argentina and Latin America. After some time, I started feeling I wasn’t liking it and wanted something more connected to humans […]


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