Light Where there was Darkness

Brighter days have come! I’ve had many good weeks since my last down that ended on February 16th. I am holding my breath as I never know if a down is just around the corner but I am hopeful we are over. I am ready to be over. I am stronger.

Today is a big day. And I have a few busy weeks ahead of me. Next week is the kids spring break so I’ll be actively visiting museums, setting up play dates and visiting our favorite playgrounds. I was also invited to teach kids yoga at a few spring break camps.

We booked our tickets to go to Spain in April. We will be visiting my husbands 90 year old grandfather, my cousins, and his uncles. I might meet up with college friends around Spain. I went to college in Belgium and have many friends there that will be traveling to Spain for their Easter holidays.

Today is a big day because I have an interview for a full time job. I am a little nervous to jump back into the Corporate world but I am also motivated to do it for the family and for me. I will keep writing here. Don’t worry!

In the mental health world, I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Friday to monitor how I’ve been doing on the reduced night medication (Olanzapine) dose. So far so good. I have been sleeping well although sweating more, which I will mention. I have also reduced the day dose of venlafaxine and will mention that to him. The functional Doctor wants to see me this Friday to draw blood as well. We will check out how I’ve been doing on the progesterone and testosterone treatments as well as the supplements – vitamin D, B12, zinc, and others.

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