Travel & Brighter Days

This week we will travel to Europe to see my husband’s grandfather and other family members. I have my cousins in Madrid that I absolutely love. I lived with them when I was in college for a summer abroad and since then consider them an extension of my direct family. We are actually very distant cousins – I always forget how exactly we are connected, whereas he is the family historian who can draw our lineage on a napkin paper back to the Spanish inquisition. I also have many college friends in Europe who I’d love to see. 

Other than that, I am still weaning off the night medication. I have been experiencing strong nausea and headaches since last week, which I assume are connected to medicine withdrawals. I took a pregnancy test, which came back negative. I do dream of a third child. Always have. Although my husband and I are not on the same page with that. More on that later. However, it is not good timing now since I’m considering a full time job and also still have very low progesterone levels which make it risky to safely carry a baby to term. In any case, I wrote to my psychiatrist today to ask for his thoughts on this and on any recommendations of what I can eat or take to help deal with this. I really want to be in a good mood and health wise to enjoy the trip to the max. 

I interviewed a friend on anxiety today and will be sharing that post shortly. In other news, I received a proposal to design the book, which will be a condensed version of this blog. I am SO excited as it’s a lifelong dream and I finally can feel it closer to reality. 

Any trip recommendations with two toddlers? I am packing lots of activities for the flight and debating on taking two small strollers or a stroller and my son’s scooter.

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